NextGen Railing Kitformerly known as Kwik Kit™, is OSHA compliant railing that is boxed and shipped as 12' Straight Kits, 12' Corner Kits or 6' Extension Kits. Kits can be joined to form a continuous railing. 1.09" OD pipe and Kee Klamp® fittings are used to assemble the railing. The rails are painted safety yellow and all fittings are galvanized. Toe plates and Ground Sockets are also available.
NextGen Railing Kit (Kwik Kit) at Dock
NextGen Railing Kit™
NextGen Railing Kit (Kwik Kit) 2 6' Lengths
NextGen Railing Kit™ Straight Kit
NextGen Railing Kit (Kwik Kit)  Corner Kit 6' x 6'
NextGen Railing Kit™ Corner Kit
NextGen Railing Kit (Kwik Kit) Extension Kit 6'
NextGen Railing Kit™ Extension Kit
Kee Self-Closing Gate Stand-alone - Galvanized - BOL
Kee® Self-Closing Safety Gate
NextGen Custom Railing Kick Plate™
NextGen Custom Railing Kick Plate™
Galvanized Fitting Type 66 - Ground Socket
Type 66 - Ground Socket