HeatTek Industrial Ovens - West Allis, WI

July 12, 2023

Case Study: HeatTek – July 2023

Location: West Allis, WI

Problem Statement: HeatTek, an industry leader in Industrial Oven and Furnace manufacturing, was referred to Safety Rail Source® by our customers at Roeslein & Associates. The requirement was to provide modular railing, which would not require any welding when installed, for their large industrial "Inside Bake" ovens. Safety railings are required by OSHA Code 1910.28(b) which states that employees must be protected from falling off of a platform if it is more than four feet above a lower level.

Problem Resolution: Between the months February and August 2021, Safety Rail Source® worked with the design team at HeatTek to provide a system of sample railings that would meet the company’s safety requirements. In August of 2021, Hal Swindell of Safety Rail Source® traveled to West Allis, Wisconsin to discuss the railing system requirements with the project engineer, Spencer Dittman. After careful collaboration, a model railing system was developed and installed. All parties were satisfied with the solution and an agreement was reached that 20 railing systems would be purchased throughout 2022 and more in 2023. To date, Safety Rail Source® has shipped more than 50 railing systems to HeatTek for their ongoing production of Inside Bake Ovens.

About Us: Since 1999 we’ve been manufacturing state of the art, OSHA Compliant safety products including railings, skylight screens, hatch railings and ladder safety devices. All products are made in the USA. We offer a Turn-Key Service which includes a site visit, safety assessment, solution design, product delivery and installation.

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