How Can We Help? (FAQ)


General Questions:

Q1: Which OSHA Standard Applies to unprotected roof edges?
Ans: See our professional assessment on Protecting Roof Edges.

Q2:  Which OSHA Standard Applies to unprotected skylights?
Ans: See our professional assessment on Protecting Skylights.

Q3: Which OSHA Standard Applies to unprotected roof hatches?
Ans: See our professional assessment on Protecting Roof Hatches.

Q4: Which OSHA Standard Applies to unprotected fixed ladders?
Ans: See our professional assessment on Protecting Fixed Ladders.

Questions about Roof Edge Fall Protection:

Q4: Do I need to protect my roof edge from falls?
Ans: Yes, according to OSHA Standards your roof edge must be protected.

Q5: Do you sell roof anchors?
Ans: Yes, we do sell Roof Anchors. We also offer free-standing OSHA compliant Rooftop Railing for permanent fall protection as roof anchors must be inspected annually.

Q6: Can I buy galvanized railing?
Ans: Yes, however, it costs a little more than painted railing.

Q7: Do you sell permanently attached railing?
Ans: Yes, we do. We often recommend free-standing railing, but we can engineer Permanently Attached Railing if required.

Q8: Do you sell non-penetrating railing?
Ans: Yes, we do. We offer Non-Penetrating Railing for permanent or temporary installations.

Q9: What lengths of railing do you have?
Ans: We have 10’, 7 ½’ and 5’ panels. We also sell continuous railing for a smoother look

Q10: What color does the railing come in?
Ans: Yellow is standard. We also have a selection of standard special colors other than yellow. See our Color Chart.

Q11: How long does it take to install your non-penetrating railing?
Ans: Once on the roof, 2 people can install about 600’ in an 8-hour day. 

Questions about Skylight Fall Protection:

Q12:  Do I need to protect my skylights from falls?
Yes, according to OSHA Standards, all skylights must have fall protection.

Q13: What can I do to protect my skylights?
Ans: You can either protect them with Safety Screens or in some cases Skylight Railing are required for larger skylights or skylights that open. 

Q14: What are your skylight screens made of?
Ans: Our standard screens are galvanized steel. We can provide stainless steel if required by you.

Q15: How long does it take to install a skylight screen?
Ans: Once on the roof, a skylight screen takes about 15 minutes to install.

Q16: How do I order skylight screens or railings?
Ans: Provide us the length, width and dome height and if they open or not and we can design the appropriate OSHA protection for you.

Questions about Roof Hatch Fall Protection:

Q17: Do I need to protect my roof access hatch from falls?
Ans: Yes, according to OSHA Standards, the open hatch is a “hole” that must be protected.

Q18: How do I attach your roof hatch railing?
Ans: In most cases, our railing attaches to the counter-flashing of the roof hatch and does not penetrate the roofing membrane.

Q19: What are your hatch railings made of?
Ans: Our hatch railings are either galvanized steel or aluminum.

Q20: Can I have your hatch railing painted a special color?
Ans: Yes, if you provide a RAL color number, we can get close to the color you need. See our Color Chart.

Q21: How long does it take to install your hatch railing?
Ans: Once the railing is on the roof, it takes one person about an hour to install. That’s assuming you have experience in these type installations.

Questions about Fixed Ladder Fall Protection:

Q22: Do I need to protect my fixed ladder from falls?
Ans: Yes, according to OSHA Standards, ladders are the most common risk of injury and must protected.

Q23: Do I need a cage to protect my ladder?
Ans: No. OSHA changed the requirement for a cage in 2018 in lieu of requiring a lifeline system on ladders 24’ and over.

Q24: What is the minimum toe clearance between the fixed ladder and the wall or an obstruction?
Ans: A clearance of 7” or more is required by OSHA.

Q25: Does a fixed ladder need to extend above the landing surface or roof?
Ans: Yes. The ladder extension handles must extend at least 36” above the landing surface of roof.

Q26: Are your ladders steel of aluminum?
Ans: SRS offers modular Aluminum Ladders or welded Steel Ladders. Our aluminum fixed ladders are in stock and generally less expensive than steel ladders. Aluminum ladders are also easier to install, due to their light weight and can often be installed without a crane.

Q27: Do I need a lifeline system on my fixed ladder?
Ans: Yes, on ladders extending 24’ or more from the landing surface or roof. See our Fixed Ladder Lifelines and other Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).

Q28: What color are your ladders?
Ans: The standard color for steel ladders is powder coated gray. They can be powder coated a few different colors at no additional cost. Our aluminum ladders are typically not painted.

Q29: Can I buy a platform for my fixed ladder?
Ans: Yes. You can choose from several ladder configurations.

Q30: Do you have fixed ladders for parapets?
Ans: Yes. SRS sells ladders with a platform and ascending rungs on the inside of the parapet.

Q31: Do you have ladders with locking protective shields at their bases.
Ans: Yes. Please specify the requirement upon your RFQ. 

Q32: How can I mount my fixed ladder to a steel panel side wall?
Ans: With our modular aluminum ladder, we provide plates that fasten directly to the wall without the need to connect to structural beams inside the building.  

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