Safety Rail Source® manufacturers high quality engineered aluminum or galvanized floor hatch railings for commercial and industrial applications in any configuration. Self-closing gates and kick plates are optional. All Floor Hatch Railings meet OSHA standards and building codes. Floor Hatch gates are also available.
Floor Hatch Railing - 3 Sided
NextGen Floor Hatch Railing Kit™

Open floor hatches are a serious fall hazard and must be protected. We make models for all sizes and types of floor hatches. You can order a chain or self closing gate for the exit side of the floor hatch. All we need is your hatch size and we’ll do the rest. Our floor hatch railing kits can be ordered in galvanized or aluminum and can be painted the color of your choice. The railing kit is made of Kee Klamp® fittings and is shipped in components. You can chose either 1 ¼” or 1 ½” galvanized or aluminum pipe for your railing. For a standard installation, drill 2 holes for each base fitting and secure with 3/8” anchors. If you require the railing to be removed and to have a flat surface, select the type 66 ground socket base fittings which are installed flush with the concrete. All fitting set screws must be tightened to 29 ft/lbs.

A 2-sided kit can be ordered if the floor hatch backs up to the wall. Our floor hatch safety railing can be ordered with toe plates if desired