NextGen Lift & Lock™ Roof Hatch Opener

The NextGen Lift & Lock™ Roof Hatch Opener enables users to open, close, lock and unlock roof hatches quickly and easily while standing at the base of the ladder. Lift & Lock (also known as BSP Hatch Operator® Patent #US 11,293,226 B2) is designed with a hand operated winch at the bottom of the ladder that is connected to a lifting arm affixed to the hatch lid. When you crank the winch, the lifting arm raises the hatch lid and simultaneously extends a grab bar above the roof surface for easy egress and ingress.

The Lift & Lock also serves as a roof hatch locking mechanism by simply locking the hatch closed from the base of the ladder. No electricity or batteries required as with an automatic or electric hatch opener (see video below). Note that with Lift & Lock, you never again need to operate the hatch lid while standing at the top of the ladder. Lift & Lock is OSHA Compliant, and along with Roof Hatch Railing and Safety Gates, is an integral part of an overall Roof Hatch Safety strategy.

NextGen Lift & Lock simply bolts onto most fixed ladders. See Documents tab below for Measurement Form, Installation Options & Instructions and other important information.