Samtec - Royersford, PA

August 11, 2023

Case Study: Samtec – Aug 2023

Location: Royersford, PA

Problem Statement: Samtec, based in New Albany, Indiana, is an international leader in the electronics industry with more than 40 locations around the world. Victor Villarreal, a representative from their Pennsylvania Cable Plant, reached out to Safety Rail Source® searching for solutions to their rooftop safety concerns. Their main concern was that the roof access hatch did not have a railing or grab bar and was located less than 6 ft. from the roof edge. Thus the roof hatch and its access point were in violation of OSHA code 1910.28(B)(13) which states, “When work is performed less than 6 feet from the roof edge, the employer must ensure each employee is protected from falling by a guardrail system.” Walt Steuer, the plant manager, had additional rooftop safety concerns and in turn, requested a site visit by Safety Rail Source®.

Problem Resolution: Safety Rail Source® visited Victor at the Pennsylvania Cable Plant in April of 2023 to perform the assessment. Three options were suggested at three price levels to satisfy the OSHA Standards. These options were presented to EHS Manager, Nick Knable and a solution was selected. In July of 2023, Safety Rail Source® team members installed a system which included a myriad of rooftop safety solutions. The roof hatch was protected with a KeeHatch® Railing and a U-shaped perimeter of NextGen 3000™ Universal Guardrail. One AC unit was surrounded by our free standing NextGen Railing. The remainder of the roof edge was demarcated with high visibility NextGen Warning Lines™. These safety-yellow wire cables are vinyl coated for long term durability, and the metal “Danger” flags are manufactured to withstand harsh weather. The Warning lines were installed 15 ft from the leading edge as demarcations of the roof safety zone, especially in low visibility conditions.

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