NextGen Mighty-Lite™ Aluminum Fixed Ladder

Mighty-Lite™ Aluminum modular ladders are permanently attached to any structure and create safe and reliable access to a multitude of high elevation points including rooftops, mezzanines, rooftop hatches, and elevated platforms. Weighing about one pound per foot, they can often be installed without a crane. Mounting is easy using “L” shaped aluminum mounting brackets and if needed, stainless-steel mounting plates to fasten to corrugated wall panels. Their modular components make for easy installation. Corrosion resistant materials assure a long life.  Our fixed ladders are in stock and ready to ship!

Steel ladders are also available, but not in stock.

For complete compliance with OSHA and ANSI Standards, order your ladder with a ladder fall protection system utilizing our Fixed Ladder Lifeline Systems. For additional Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), Harnesses and Lanyards are also available.