NextGen Mighty-Lite™ Aluminum Fixed Ladder

Mighty-Lite™ Aluminum modular ladders are permanently attached to any structure and create safe and reliable access to a multitude of high elevation points including rooftops, mezzanines, rooftop hatches, and elevated platforms. Weighing about one pound per foot, they can often be installed without a crane. Mounting is easy using “L” shaped aluminum mounting brackets and if needed, stainless-steel mounting plates to fasten to corrugated wall panels. Their modular components make for easy installation. Corrosion resistant materials assure a long life. Additional components like Security Doors, Gates, Walk-thru Handles and Platforms are also available. 

The Mighty-Lite™ fixed ladders are in stock and ready to ship! 

For complete compliance with OSHA and ANSI Standards, order your ladder with a ladder fall protection system utilizing our Fixed Ladder Lifeline Systems. For additional Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), Harnesses and Lanyards are also available.