Safety Rail Source® provides 5 Mobile Fall Protection Penetrators so you can select the ones that are best for you. Different models can be used on concrete, Built-Up, TPO, ISO, PVC and EPDM, The Penetrators work by releasing spikes that pierce into the roof when a fall occurs. BigFoot relies on weight, friction and engineering to create a secure anchor.

All Penetrator Models are available online. 3/6/12 month financing available. 

Penetrator X3 - Blue
Penetrator X3™
Penetrator X5 - Original - Blue
Penetrator X5 - Original™
Penetrator X5 - Sentinel - Blue - Side View
Penetrator X5 - Sentinel™
Penetrator X5 - Multi-Plus - Blue
Penetrator X5 - Multi-Plus™
Big Foot U.S. Mobile Fall Protection - Blue
Penetrator - BigFoot™ - U.S. & Canada
Penetrator - Squatch - Blue
Penetrator - Squatch™
Mobile Fall Protection - Adjustable Roof Cart - Blue
Penetrator - Adjustable Roof Cart


Penetrator X3 Introduction