National Roofing Corp. - Suffolk, VA

April 2, 2024

Case Study: National Roofing Corp, March 2024

Location: Suffolk, VA

Problem Statement: National Roofing Corporation, based in Suffolk, Virginia, is one of the largest roofing contractors in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Levy Rowland, Sales Manager, reached out to Safety Rail Source® in January of 2024 to get a quote to protect 58 flat skylights located on a standing seam roof. The customer was required to comply with OSHA code 1910.28(b)(3)(i) which states, “Each employee must be protected from falling through any hole (including skylights) that is 4 feet (1.2 m) or more above a lower level”. Additionally, because these skylights are flat, they are virtually impossible to detect when there is snow on the roof, increasing the risk of a deadly fall.

Problem Resolution: Safety Rail Source® recommended covering these skylights with our NextGen Skylight Safety-Screen Model SSS. These stainless steel screens are made to order and easy to install. The heavy metal 4 x 4 grid is bent to a semi-circle form and fastened to the roof seams using S-5! clamps and two stainless steel straps. These screens are heavy duty and can even hold the weight of a full-grown man.

The skylights themselves were originally installed in pairs creating some options as to the design of the skylight safety-screen solution. One option was to use one double-sized screen over each pair of skylights. Another option was to use skylight railing around each pair of skylights. However, our team determined that it would be more cost effective, and just as safe, to use one individual screen over each individual skylight. Each screen would be installed to sit inside of the ribs of the standing seam roof and the S-5! clamps would be staggered to ensure a tight fit.

Levy Rowland of National Roofing Corporation recommended our design to his client, and, in March of 2024, a decision was made to order the screens and to have them installed. After installation was completed on all 58 skylights, Levy stated that he considers the Model SSS Skylight Screen to be an “excellent product” and was fully satisfied with the mitigation of the client’s safety needs.

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