Safety Rail Source® offers Skylight Screens and Skylight Railing. The Skylight Screens are available for Domed, Standing Seam or Corrugated skylights. All of our Skylight Railing in non-penetrating and comes in panels or continuous rail. NextGen Warning Lines and Roof Hatch Railing are also available. All solutions exceed OSHA standards. All Kee® products are made in USA. See our Declaration.

KeeHatch Roof Hatch Railing® is available for online purchase.

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OSHA Testing - NextGen 3000 vs. the Competition


Safety Rail Source® has specialized in skylight fall protection with skylight screens and railings for over 25 years. We work with multiple partners including Tie Down Engineering® and Kee Safety® to bring you the latest products at the lowest prices. Our Nextgen Skylight Safety-Screens™ fit over most standard and custom skylights. Our NextGen 3000™ Universal Skylight Railing is available in panels or continuous rail and can be custom designed to satisfy any configuration. NextGen, KeeGuard® and Kee Dome® are all non-penetrating and will not impact the roof membrane. Check out our variety of safety products which are sure to satisfy all your skylight protection needs. All products are manufactured in the U.S.A. and available for online purchase.