Safety Rail Source® partners with Kee Safety® to offer Roof Hatch Guardrail with self-closing gates. KeeHatch® Railings are galvanized or aluminum barriers installed around roof hatches to prevent falls through the hatches. We offer over 80 OSHA Compliant models for every size of access hatch. In addition, SRS partners with Belmont Safety® to offer the NextGen Lift & Lock™ Roof Hatch Opener. It enables users to open, close, lock and unlock roof hatches quickly and easily while standing at the base of the ladder, providing roof hatch safety and security. All Kee® products are made in USA. See our Certification.

KeeHatch® products and gates are available for online purchase.

KeeHatch RHSR-SS 3630 Galvanized with Gate
Keehatch® Railing - Galvanized
KeeHatch Mightlight KHML-SS 3630 with Gate
KeeHatch® Railing - Aluminum
NextGen Lift & Lock™ Roof Hatch Opener being installed
NextGen Lift & Lock™ Roof Hatch Opener
Kee Self-Closing Gate Stand-alone - Galvanized - BOL
Kee® Self-Closing Safety Gate


KeeHatch® Railing

NextGen Lift & Lock™ Roof Hatch Opener

Our Ladder Safety Gates can be purchased separately. This premium, galvanized industrial safety gate is suited for constant use and tested for up to 50,000 openings. It's also available in powder coated safety-yellow, over galvanized. For harsh environments, choose the KeeHatch® Mightylight model made of aluminum and stainless steel.

The NextGen Lift and Lock™ Roof Hatch Opener is a failsafe roof hatch opener, unlike an electric or automatic roof hatch opener, as no batteries or electricity are required. Combined with railing and gates, these products provide total safety and convenience for your roof hatch openings.