Ladder Safety-Docks™ are OSHA compliant ladder safety attachments that permanently attach to your flat, sloped or parapet roof edges. They can be used for commercial or residential applications. The parapet model can be equipped with a step-down ladder. The commercial model can be equipped with grab handles. See our Model Comparison Chart to help choose the right Ladder Safety-Dock for you. 

Ladder Safety-Docks are available for online purchase.

Commercial Ladder Safety-Dock with Worker on Top of Ladder
Commercial Ladder Safety-Dock™
2-Piece Commercial Ladder Safety-Dock
2-Piece Commercial Ladder Safety-Dock™
3-Piece Parapet Ladder Safety-Dock with Worker Holding Handle
3-Piece Parapet Ladder Safety-Dock™
Residential Ladder Safety-Dock with Chain Attached
Residential Ladder Safety-Dock™

Falls from ladders are a major cause of injury and death in the workplace. Therefore, OSHA Standards 1918.24(c), 1918.24(j)(2) require that ladders be tied off at the top to prevent falling left, right, or away from an elevated structure. Ladder Safety-Dock meets these ladder safety requirements with tie-off points and safety handles (included with the 2-Part and 3-Part models) with its ladder fall protection systems.

Not only does Ladder Safety-Dock satisfy the OSHA requirements for ladders, the Safety-Dock establishes a safe, single point of access to the rooftop. This helps eliminate unsightly damage to the roof edge coping caused by technicians’ ladders as they access the roof at random locations. Additionally, Safety-Dock models with grab handles, eliminate ladder “spin” and create a stable first-step onto the roof (2-Piece and 3-Piece Safety-Docks have grab handles).

Ladder Safety-Dock Advantages:

  • Provides OSHA required ladder tie-offs at the top of the extension ladder
  • Made of lightweight non-corrosive materials
  • Easy to install
  • Accommodates most ladders available today
  • Prevents ladder slipping left, right, or backwards

Safety Rail Source also offers additional ladder safety products such as ladder safety gates and ladder lifeline systems. Please call for more information on our ladder fall arrest systems.

Have a unique requirement? Please contact us. We routinely design special ladder safety products for our customers.