Safety Rail Source offers a wide variety of roof anchors. The Post-type can be permanently installed while all others are temporary and reusable anchors. The anchors meet OSHA standards for flat or sloped roofs, parapets, standing seam roofs on both commercial and residential applications. We also offer Harnesses and SRLs to complete your PPE needs. Check out our partner's Catalog and Contact Us for additional products. Many of our Rooftop Anchors are available for online purchase.

NextGen Post-Type Roof Anchor with Welded Top Ring 12 Inches
NextGen Post-Type Roof Anchor™
Parapet Roof Anchor
NextGen Parapet Roof Anchor™
NextGen 4-Way Roof Anchor™
NextGen 4-Way Roof Anchor™
NextGen HitchClip Roof Anchor
NextGen HitchClip™
NextGen Standing Seam Roof Anchor
NextGen Standing Seam Roof Anchor™
Kee Anchor with Man Tied Off
Kee Anchor®
Man using Hippo Anchor while installing NextGen 3000 Railing
Hippo Anchor™
Concrete Wedge Anchor - BOL
Concrete Wedge Anchor
Roofing Tie-Off Kit
Roofing Tie-Off Kit



The NextGen Standing Seam Roof Anchor temporarily attaches to the seam of a standing seam roof. Simply clamp it on and attach your lifeline. The NextGen 4-Way Roof Anchor fastens to the roof and can accommodate 4 in fall restraint or 1 in fall arrest.

The NextGen Post-Type Roof Anchor is typically permanently mounted and comes in different heights with a welded ring or swivel connection. The NextGen HitchClip™ is a reusable residential anchor for sloped roofs.

The NextGen Parapet Roof Anchor clamps to the parapet for a single user or for a horizontal lifeline. The Hippo Anchor is temporary or permanent for two workers in fall restraint and one in fall arrest. 

The Kee Anchor is like the Hippo Anchor with 100 suction cups to grip to the roof. Kee Anchor accommodates two workers in fall restraint and one in fall arrest. 

The Sliding Beam Anchor clamps to I-beams of varying widths and glides back and forth with the worker.

The Concrete Wedge Anchor is fastened into concrete by drilling a ¾” diameter hole and inserting and tightening the anchor. The Concrete Wedge Anchor is reusable.

We supply body harnesses and lanyards to connect to all our anchors.