The NextGen TranzVolt e-Hoist™ is a revolutionary product perfect for lifting solar panels, shingles, tools, and other construction supplies to the roof easily and quickly.  Leveraging the power of (2) 20-volt Dewalt or Milwaukee batteries it can lift approximately 12,600 lbs. of materials on one charge. Because it's lightweight and portable, it can be positioned where cranes and lulls can't. When lifting solar panels, your work is made easier and safer with the solar panel carriage and optional tilt tray. The e-Lift can haul 3 to 4 solar panels per trip.

Combine the e-Hoist with our other products for a complete safety solution.

NextGen TranzVolt e-Hoist™
TranzVolt Stabilizer
NextGen HitchClip™
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Lanyards / SRLs / Anchor Straps
Roofing Tie-Off Kit
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NextGen Warning Lines™


NextGen TranzVolt e-Hoist™

The NextGen Tranzvolt e-Hoist™ (formerly called TranzVolt Roof Lifting Hoist and sometimes spelled TransVolt), is a breakthrough product that will enable roofers to improve productivity, save time and save money. With the solar panel industry expanding quickly, this tool will be a tremendous value enabling solar panels to be quickly loaded on to the roof. There are a myriad of safety and convenience features which further enhance the value of this product. Call us for more details including shipping timeframes and volume discounts.