Safety Rail Source® in partnership with FallProtec® provides the latest in custom built, high quality vertical and horizontal lifelines to keep you safe on fixed ladders (Vertical) and roof edges (Horizontal)Vertical Lifelines can be retrofitted on existing ladders and act as a moving lifeline connector for buildings, water towers, masts, and industrial applications. OSHA states that vertical lifelines are mandatory for ladders above 20' height. Standard sizes and custom designs are available. Fixed Ladders are also available, including our Might-Lite™  Aluminum Ladder, currently in stock. for a total fixed ladder safety solutionContact Us or see our Catalog for more information.

NextGen SecuRope Fixed Ladder Lifeline Worker at Base of Ladder
NextGen SecuRope™ Fixed Ladder Lifeline
NextGen SecuRail Fixed Ladder Lifeline - Man Climbing Ladder
NextGen SecuRail™ Fixed Ladder Lifeline
NextGen Mighty-Lite™ Fixed Ladder - Far Away - In stock
NextGen Mighty-Lite™ Aluminum Fixed Ladder
NextGen Steel™ Fixed Ladder with Step-thru
NextGen Steel™ Fixed Ladder


Vertical Lifeline Installation Instructions

SecuRope Lifeline Industrial Use

Safety Rail Source® and FallProtec® bring you the best, custom designed Vertical and Horizontal lifeline systems available. These products are also known as Engineered Fall Protection, Horizontal Lifeline, Vertical Lifeline or Cable Fall Restraint systems.