Ladder Safety-Step-Straight™ 2.0

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The Ladder Safety-Step-Straight™ 2.0 incorporates a new design which is less expensive and easier to use. It prevents spin motion at the top of a ladder. It utilizes a dual clamping safety lock system which improves stability when accessing the handrails. It's designed to fit most ladder profiles and is fully compatible with ladders from Type II to Special Duty Type IAA. 
The height of the Step-Straight is 36" (OSHA compliant) and allows for easier access to the roof because it provides proper ladder elevation above the roof. It also has a wide base with non-skid rubber padding, on the back side that rests against roof edge, which increases the contact area and stability on the work surface. The non-skid rubber padding also protects against damage to gutters, etc. The Ladder Safety-Step-Straight is compliant with OSHA 1910 and 1926. Made in USA.

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