Lanyards, SRLs and Anchor Straps are critical forms of fall protection. Safety Rail Source® offers a variety of these connectors to help keep your workers and work environment safe. We also offer Roof Anchors and Harnesses to complete your PPE needs. Check out our partner's Catalog and Contact Us for additional products. Connective devices are available for online purchase.

6 ft. Single Lanyard - BOL
6 ft. Single Lanyard
6 ft. Double Leg Lanyard
6 ft. Double Lanyard
6 ft. Twin Self-Retracting Line
6 ft. Twin Self-Retracting Line
11 ft. Self-Retracting Line
11 ft. Self-Retracting Line
20 Ft. SRD Retractable Cable
20 & 30 ft. SRL Retractable Cable
30 & 50 Ft. SRD LE Galvanized Cable
30 & 50 ft. SRL LE (Leading Edge) Galvanized Cable
4 ft. Anchor Cross Arm Strap
4 & 6 ft. Anchor Cross Arm Strap
6 FT. Anchor Cable Cross Arm
6 ft. Anchor Cross Arm Cable
Roofing Tie-Off Kit
Roofing Tie-Off Kit

Lifeline systems are a critical form of fall protection. Fall protection systems can be used to arrest or stop workers in the event of a fall occurring or prevent workers from reaching a fall hazard altogether. In circumstances where a fall cannot be prevented using passive protection, such as railing, safety lifelines are your next line of fall protection.

We provide lifelines, anchors, harnesses, and other lifeline safety equipment to help workers safely perform work at height. Our team of safety experts can help you design and install your lifeline system to ensure the safety of your team and the compliance of your business.

Safety lanyards are a worker's only connection to their fall protection anchor point. Lanyards are typically short sections of cable that attached to the D-ring of a worker's safety harness.

We offer a variety of lanyards to connect to a lifeline or fall protection anchor point from single or double leg lanyards, Self-Retracting Lines and other cross arm straps and cables. Each situation is unique and many different factors come into play when determining what type of fall protection lanyard to use. Talk to the experts at Safety Rail Source when determining your Harness, Lanyard and SRL and Anchor needs.