NextGen 3000™ Universal Guardrail is a state-of-the-art, non-penetrating, modular rooftop safety railing system. Due to its patented engineering and design, NextGen 3000™ outperforms all other roof fall protection systems. The 58-pound bases are lightweight easy to install. Use the Kart-A-Rail™ to transport railing on rooftops, grounds and facilities. All products are made in the U.S.A.  Click Here to see flier with more details. 

NextGen 3000™ Universal Guardrail is available for online purchase. 3/6/12 month financing available. 

NextGen 3000 Rooftop Railing - Worker carrying base
NextGen 3000™ Universal Guardrail
NextGen 3000 Stack Pallet - Yellow
NextGen 3000™ Universal Stack Pallet
Portable Kart-a-Rail™
Nextgen 3000 Skylight Railing at Danone
NextGen 3000™ Universal Skylight Railing
Kee Self-Closing Gate Stand-alone - Galvanized - BOL
Kee® Self-Closing Safety Gate


OSHA Testing - NextGen 3000 vs. the Competition

Universal Rails

NextGen 3000 Universal Guardrail meets the new OSHA Code 1910.28(b)(13) which mandates that when work is performed less than 15 feet (4.6 m) from the roof edge, the employer must ensure each employee is protected from falling by a guardrail system. The system is designed for permanent or temporary installation and can be ordered in a panel design or a continuous railing design for a more eye pleasing architectural look. Bases weigh only 58 pounds and have grab handles for easy lifting. Also, bases are engineered with neoprene rubber feet, fastened to the base ends to provide a sure grip to the roof and to protect the roofing membrane. Railing panels are available in 5’, 7 ½’ and 10’ sections. Odd length safety rails are built using our adjustment tube.

When force is applied to the top safety rail the bases drive the load downward and grip into the roof. This enables the safety rail system to meet OSHA requirements while not penetrating the roof membrane. Installation is fast and easy using either panels or a continuous railing design. It comes standard in Safety yellow, however 15 optional colors are available to compliment any architectural design. NextGen 3000™ Universal Guardrail is made in the USA.

The roof safety railing can be installed around, or up and over obstacles such as piping and ductwork. Roof elevation changes are easy to tackle with the adjustment tube installed on the post or horizontal railing. Railing and base finishes are galvanized or treated with durable corrosion resistant TS-22 coating for low maintenance. No special training is required for installation however Safety Rail Source can provide expert turn-key installation and supervisory services if needed.

When comparing the quality, engineering and price of NextGen 3000™ to other freestanding rooftop guard rail safety systems, such as Safety Rail Company’s Accu-Fit, Garlock’s Set and Prevent™ RailGuard 200 and the Guardian railing systems, you’ll quickly understand why the NextGen 3000™ Universal Guardrail is the industry leader in rooftop fall protection. Check out the rest of the website for additional roofing safety equipment.