Next Gen Mighty-Lite™ Fixes Ladder Enhances Worker Security

March 12, 2024
Next Gen Mighty Lite Fixed Ladder

The Next Gen Mighty-Lite Fixed Ladder can be permanently secured to any structure to create reliable and safe access to a wide variety of high-elevation points, such as rooftops, rooftop hatches, elevated platforms, and mezzanines. These aluminum modular ladders weigh about a pound per foot and often do not even need a crane for installation, as mounting is easy with the use of L-shaped aluminum mounting brackets and even mounting brackets made of stainless steel, if necessary, when fastening to corrugated wall panels.

Safety and Security

Since they are a permanent installation in a facility, fixed ladders come with unique concerns regarding building security and worker safety. Such ladders could potentially be used unwisely by visitors, workers, or intruders, risking not only property damage but also their health. It is, therefore, important that access to fixed ladders be restricted only to personnel who have a valid reason to be using them. The Next Gen Mighty Lite Fixed Ladder comes with a ladder guard that shields it from intentional or accidental misuse. The ladders also come with a fall protection system that meets OSHA guidelines. Ladder safety and security are vital factors in the smooth operation of a facility. The basic rules are clearly dictated by government guidelines that must be followed regarding the placing and use of ladders, and the Next Gen Mighty Lite Fixed Ladder helps to ensure these guidelines are followed to the letter. For more information see our steel and aluminum Fixed Ladders or contact us at 877-723-3766.