Safety Rail Source® offers both Aluminum and Steel Fixed Ladders, which permanently attach to any structure to create safe and reliable access to rooftops and other elevated areas. NextGen Mighty-Lite™ Aluminum modular ladders are lightweight and easy to  assemble and install while NextGen Steel™ Fixed Ladders are built custom to order. Our aluminum ladders are in stock and ready to ship.  We also offer Fixed Ladder Lifelines for a total fixed ladder safety solution. To order, submit our Measurement Form or Contact Us for more information.

NextGen Mighty-Lite™ Fixed Ladder - Far Away - In stock
NextGen Mighty-Lite™ Aluminum Fixed Ladder
NextGen Steel™ Fixed Ladder with Step-thru
NextGen Steel™ Fixed Ladder
NextGen SecuRope Fixed Ladder Lifeline Worker at Base of Ladder
NextGen SecuRope™ Fixed Ladder Lifeline
NextGen SecuRail Fixed Ladder Lifeline - Man Climbing Ladder
NextGen SecuRail™ Fixed Ladder Lifeline

According to OSHA Standard 1910.28(b)(9)(i)(C), fixed ladders above 24' must have a ladder fall protection system. Cages are no longer considered fall protection, and ladders that are newly installed or replaced after November 19, 2018, must have a fall protection system based on OSHA's new fixed ladder requirements. Also, stand-off brackets, dictated by OSHA Standard 1910.27(c)(4), must be at least 7" longer than the farthest obstruction for toe clearance on the back side of ladder. This means that if there is a 4” gutter projecting from the side of a building, a fixed ladder would need standoff brackets at least 11" (7" + 4") in length.

Our Lightweight, corrosion-resistant, low maintenance, modular, aluminum ladders are manufactured using high strength alloy aluminum. Rungs are serrated for maximum comfort, strength, safety and maximum grip and foot traction. We recommend that you order your aluminum ladders with optional add-on or built-in fall arrest systems or other vertical ladder fall protection mechanisms. Mighty Lite ladder components are flat packed for extra convenience and freight savings.

Steel ladders are also available.