Safety Railing Systems and Their Importance

April 5, 2023
KeeGuard Railing® with Kee Employee

Every year, about 648,000 people die from falls globally. Safety railing systems prevent falls from heights, which is the second leading cause of injuries and these workplace fatalities. That’s why fall prevention strategies focus on creating safer rooftop environments. Installing safety railing systems is part of that effort. Here’s why safety railing systems matter.

Fall Prevention

Stringent workplace safety protocols and regulations in high-risk jobs help prevent accidents. At times, those rules are not enough. Installing KeeGuard® Safety Railing improves fall prevention at work. If you want to take better care of your employees and ensure peace of mind for everybody on site, add safety railings. Guardrails are often installed in elevated areas. Companies in energy, airline, construction, and other industries benefit from installing safety railings.

Worker Efficiency

Crews working at heights on platforms are more likely to fear for their lives. Even if they are used to the environment, they know one wrong move could end in a disaster. That’s why they need to be more alert about their surroundings, which can be exhausting. Imagine working while always keeping your work environment in mind. It’s no wonder some workers lose focus. By installing safety railings, you create a safer environment, so workers are less likely to worry about falling. With safety guardrails, your crew can work faster and with more confidence. They won’t have to hyperfocus on their surroundings.

Flexible Installation

Installing a safety railing system on the roof won’t damage or compromise the existing structure. If the safety railings are meant to be a temporary feature, you can look for flexible installation products. For products that don’t require any drilling, look for installations with clamping options. With flexible railings, you can remove them once your crew is done and install them elsewhere on your next worksite.

Clean, Professional Look

Ensure the safety of visitors, employees, and customers who come by the site and inspect the ongoing progress. Install safety railings to prevent accidents.

ADA Compliance

You can also install ADA Railing systems to ensure compliance. ADA railing products provide individuals with disabilities safe access to the site. Make sure your ADA handrails are up to code. Look for suppliers that can provide the railing systems and carry out the installation for you. Ask about systems that can incorporate both the handrail and guardrail.

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