Crossover Stairways, Platforms & Ramps are designed for rooftops or indoor facilities. They can traverse over piping, conduit, ductwork, and other obstructions. They can bridge between roof levels or from building to building and also create access to elevated platforms, mezzanines, and raised equipment. Stairways and Crossovers can be permanent or temporary, equipped with rolling casters. ErectaStep® uses modular components which bolt together to fit nearly any structural configuration. NextGen Crossovers are custom built and can be designed to meet any specification.

ErectaStep Crossover - 5 Step Stair -
Erectastep® Crossover Stairways & Platforms
NextGen Crossover Stairway - Stretched with Pipe on Roof
NextGen Crossover Stairways & Platforms™

Safety Rail Source® offers modular stairs and Crossovers (sometimes referred to as Step Overs) fabricated for corrosion resistance with steel and aluminum components or galvanized or aluminum pipe. The pipe designs utilize Kee Safety® galvanized or aluminum fittings. All our prefabricated stairs, rooftop platforms, rooftop ramps, crossover ramps, and rooftop walkway ramps are shipped in components for easy transport. If you have an immediate need for Crossovers, Erecta Step® components are in stock and ready to ship. All products are proudly designed, engineered, and manufactured in the United States. Assembly is easy using standard tools and equipment. Our products meet or exceed OSHA guidelines.

For pricing, please provide us with the height and length of the obstruction and if you want crossover stairs or ladders on either side of the walkway platform. For custom designs please provide a sketch with dimensions showing length, width, height, turns, and restrictions. Photos of the obstruction or situation are very helpful. If necessary, we will visit your facility to assist in the design of your crossover/stairway system.