Safety Rail Source® partners with Kee® Safety and offers KeeGuard® continuous, free-standing, non-penetrating roof edge fall protection systems with recycled PVC counterbalance weights. In addition, we offer railing to accommodate corrugated and standing seam roofs. Our railing systems are engineered to meet OSHA Standards and Canadian requirements. Turn-key installation and supervisory services are available if needed. See our Catalog with more rooftop fall protection solutions.

All Kee® products are made in USA. See our Declaration.

KeeGuard® Continuous Railing being Installed
KeeGuard® Railing
KeeGuard Corrugated Back View
KeeGuard® Corrugated
KeeGuard Infill Panel Front View
KeeGuard® Infill Panel
KeeGuard® Standing Seam Short Run
Keeguard® Standing Seam
Kick Plate with Arrow 3 O'clock
KeeGuard® Kick Plate
KeeGuard Skylight Railing Vault Skylight
KeeGuard® Skylight Railing
KeeDome Skylight Railing with Non-Penetrating Bases
Kee Dome® Skylight Railing
Kee Self-Closing Gate Stand-alone - Galvanized - BOL
Kee® Self-Closing Safety Gate



KeeGuard® Rooftop Railing was invented by Kee Safety decades ago and is installed on rooftops around the world. KeeGuard exceeds OSHA Standard 1910.28(b)(13) which mandates that when work is performed less than 15 feet (4.6 m) from the roof edge, the employer must ensure each employee is protected from falling, by a guardrail system. The rigidity of the guardrail complies with the strictest safety requirements. Its modular design is adaptable to any rooftop plan including when custom angles are present. Color preferences are also accommodated. KeeGuard is engineered to protect your roof from leaks by using recycled PVC weighted bases. The railings are galvanized inside and out to mitigate oxidation, prevent rusting, and last a lifetime.

KeeGuard is modular and installs easily around units near a roof edge an installs up and over rooftop piping and ductwork. The railing can be clamped onto existing ladders or railing for complete access protection. Weights are engineered to spread the load to reduce roof stress. Installation requires no special tools or training. We offer different KeeGuard bases to accommodate flat, standing seam, and corrugated roof types.

KeeGuard railing for flat or low slope roofs is free-standing, using PVC counterbalance weights instead of penetrative mounting. It can also be used on slopes up to 1/12 pitch (5 degrees). There’s no need for drilling, welding, or fastening into your roof.

KeeGuard railing for standing seam metal roofs uses S5U clamps for safe non-penetrating attachment to the seam. These clamps attach to most seam profiles.

KeeGuard railing for corrugated metal roofs uses a universal base plate with mounting holes allowing it to be fastened on almost all corrugated or ribbed metal roofs. The base plates require fasteners into the roof and must be sealed according to the roof manufacturer’s recommendation.

KeeGuard Infill Panels are pre-fabricated with restricted openings of less than 4”, which prevent small children and animals from falling thru the railing. Infill Panels can be used for KeeGuard standard, Standing Seam, Corrugated or custom roof railing systems.