NextGen TranzVolt e-Hoist™

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  • Solar Kit - DeWalt
  • Solar Kit - Milwaukee
  • Roofing Kit - DeWalt
  • Roofing Kit - Milwaukee
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The NextGen e-Hoist is a state-of-the-art tool used to lift solar panels (Solar Kit) and roofing supplies (Roofing Kit) to and from the roof quickly, easily and safely. It's battery operated using a remote control, with no electricity or gas required. See Flier for list of component parts. 

• Lift 3-4 Solar Panels, or 250 lbs. of shingles, 30 feet in 20 seconds, up to 44 feet high
• Increase productivity dramatically / Slash labor costs
• Tilt the load at the top for safe & efficient unloading (optional)
• Operate via user-friendly remote for safety and reliability
• Insert 2 standard drill batteries for power (not included)
• Snap in-place the easy carry 33 lb. Power Box
• Experience powerful, super quiet motor
• Save downtime with non-nesting nylon cable
• Set it up in minutes (one person)
• Ask about available financing options

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