Penetrator - Squatch™

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With a slightly larger footprint, the Squatch™ (short for Sasquatch) is the bigger, stronger cousin to the Bigfoot. This is not only a “best in class” mobile fall protection system, but the enhanced design allows for an 85’ Horizontal Lifeline application. This new and improved application is the option that roofers have been demanding for over two decades. The Squatch’s innovative design earned its own patent! The Squatch ships job-site ready on a standard pallet with retractable handles that pin place. The Squatch works on concrete, along with other substrates, without risking roof damage. 

With use of pre-engineered rope HLL, the Squatch can protect up to 7 workers at a time: 3 workers in fall arrest on HLL and 4 in restraint. It covers more than 200’ linear feet of leading edge at a time. You can connect more than two Squatches at a time with and protect up to six workers in fall arrest over a 175’.