Safety Rail Sources offers KeeGuard® free-standing, non-penetrating roof edge fall protection systems with recycled PVC counter balance weights. In addition, we offer railing to accommodate corrugated and standing seam roofs. Our railing systems are engineered to meet OSHA Standards and Canadian requirements. Click Here to see catalog with more details.

KeeGuard Railing being installed
KeeGuard® Railing
KeeGuard Standing Seam Straight Run
Keeguard® Standing Seam
KeeGuard on Corrugated Roof
KeeGuard® Corrugated
KeeGuard Infill Panel on roof
KeeGuard® Infill Panel
Kee Anchot non-penetrating anchor fall arrest
Kee Anchor® Fall Restraining System

Safety Rail Source® is a licensed seller of Kee Safety Products.