Safety Rail Source® has specialized in Rooftop Fall Protection since 1999. We offer different solutions to meet all your safety needs. We provide permanent and temporary roof edge railing as well as custom railing. We also offer skylight screens and railing, hatch railing, crossover stairways and platforms among many other products. All products are easy to assemble and made in the U.S.A.

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NextGen 3000 Universal™ Guardrail
KeeGuard® Railing
Custom Railing
NextGen Skylight Safety-Screens™
Skylight Railing
Roof Hatch Safety
Crossover Stairways, Platforms & Ramps
Warning Lines



NextGen 3000™ Universal Guardrail

KeeGuard Railing®

Safety Rail Source® offers multiple types of Roof Guardrail Systems. Our NextGen 3000™ roof railing features lightweight 58 lb. bases, is freestanding and easy to install. It protects roof edges, skylights and other rooftop equipment. KeeGuard® safety railing is also freestanding and uses ballasted PVC counterweight bases. NextGen Custom Safety Railing™ permanently attaches to the rooftop or parapet.

In addition, we offer KeeHatch® Roof Hatch Guardrail along with the NextGen Lift & Lock™ Roof Hatch Opener. Our rooftop fall protection systems are rounded out with Skylight Screens and Railing, Warning Lines, ErectaStep® crossover platforms & stairs, prefabricated stairs, and crossover ramps. All solutions are OSHA Compliant and made in the USA.

Safety Rail Source® has specialized in rooftop fall protection since 1999. Our first product line was Roof Hatch Railing. We then purchased a line of products for Skylight Fall Protection and have continued to expand our product line to include a wide array of fall protection products. We work with multiple partners including Tie Down Engineering®, Kee Safety®, Belmont Safety® and Erecta Step®, who makes our modular stairs. The mission of Safety Rail Source is to offer highest quality, OSHA compliant products at the lowest prices.