Roof Anchors Secure You to Roof and Prevent Injuries

December 20, 2022
Roof Anchors Secure You to Roof and Prevent Injuries

Protect your crew when they work at great heights. If you have roofing or construction teams handling several projects with any height roof, consider having anchor points. Here’s why you’ll want them installed.

Ensures Compliance

Installing roof anchors can help buildings and properties meet regulations and safety protocols. When inspection officers assess the property for safety risks and see the roof anchors, they can tell if those additions ensure the property’s compliance. If you want to prevent compliance issues and fines, learn more about roof anchors and how you can use them to abide by OSHA and ANSI regulations.

Offers Support

Installing the roof anchors at several points can support a sizable crew. It’s important to consider the headcount before you have those anchors installed. If you want to keep every single member of your crew, improve working conditions by adding roof anchors.

Easy to Relocate

There are non-permanent roof anchors. They can be relocated to several places. You can relocate them once your crew finishes the repair or inspection of one section of the facility. This provides flexibility in projects and can use those anchors once you start working on the next section. If you use modular stairs as you move from one area of the facility to the next, having those roof anchors moved in tandem makes it easy.

Prevents Legal Issues

Use roof anchor products that safeguard the lives of your crew. Roof anchors reduces falls that could lead to injured employees. It also prevents potentially costly legal suits and compensations when a worker sustains injuries on one of your construction sites.

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