Ladder Safety: OSHA Standard Requirements for Worker Safety

November 26, 2021
Ladder Safety: OSHA Standard Requirements for Worker Safety

If your work involves the frequent use of ladders, then make sure you have the tools and equipment to help your team get the job done as safely as possible. Here are a few essentials to keep in mind if you want to look after the safety of every member of your crew.

Invest in Your Tools

It’s not enough to have sturdy ladders. Keep them in place to ensure your crew members have stable footing whenever they go up and down those ladders. Use a ladder safety-dock. You can use this on sloped, flat, or even parapet roofs. With the safety-dock, you can be sure that your crew has safe and easy access to the roof, allowing them to access equipment, make repairs, and even replace parts of your roof.

Reduce Risks

A ladder dock prevents falls, reducing on-site risks that come with the job. But before you pick one, make sure you understand the features. How does it work? Is it effective? What do the reviews about the product say? Are there a lot of happy customers? What models are available and which options suit your needs?

Prevent Damage

When you shop for a ladder dock, don’t forget about one important thing: they must be designed to prevent damage to the gutters, and eaves as well as edges of the roof. If your crew often does roof work for clients, find a ladder dock that you can use that doesn’t damage the property you’re working on. Otherwise, that will only lead to other problems.

Consider the Cost

Quality equipment isn’t cheap nor should it be, considering how important safety is. But that doesn’t mean you should pay more than necessary. There are plenty of good and affordable choices in the market. Do your homework and find out which brands and companies offer these products.

Check for Weather Durability

When you perform roof repairs, inspections, and even installations, you need to know the material of the equipment you’ll use. Weather can be unpredictable, that’s why it’s a good idea to choose a ladder dock that’s made from lightweight material like aluminum. Since it’s used on the roof, a non-corrosive aluminum is your best bet to withstand everyday exposure to the outside elements.

Installation Ease

Find a ladder dock that’s easy to install. If your crew is going to work with that dock, then the simpler and easier it is to use, the better.