NextGen Parapet Roof Anchor™

The NextGen Parapet Roof Anchor™ is a clamp designed for workers in need of a quick tie off point for leading edge work, overhead tie off work and for tandem use with horizontal lifelines (HLL’s) for greater mobility. The Parapet Anchor provides a single point tie-off for fall arrest. It is durable and include a safety pins for secure set up. The Parapet Roof Anchor system is rated for 5000 lbs. to comply with OSHA standards for guardrail and anchor points. It can be used with shock absorbing lanyards, rope lifelines, and self-retracting lifelines (SRL’s). It can also be used in horizontal lifeline systems. The  anchor adjusts to wall widths between 4" and 16" and can be used for interior work as well. This anchor is reusable.