NextGen Continuous Railing™ - Corrugated

Continuous Railing for corrugated roofs uses a special mounting plate as its base. A Type 62 flange fitting is mounted in the center of the plate to receive the railing post. Butyl tape is supplied to attach to the bottom of the plate where the plate contacts the corrugations on the roof. The plate is then secured to the corrugations using roofing screws with neoprene washers. Railing posts are inserted into the fittings and secured by tightening set screws using a hex key. The railing system is completed by adding top and mid rails into the drop-in fittings. The top and mid rails are connected in series with a Type 14 couplings. Your design may call for either 1.66 OD or 1.9 OD pipe. Railings are OSHA compliant with no roof penetrations. 


Rails and Bases are available in galvanized finish or durable powder coating - yellow finish is standard with Custom Colors available.

Note: Minimum 5 ft. returns are required at terminations to satisfy OSHA standards.

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