Kee Anchor®

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Kee Anchor® is a free-standing, movable non-penetrating, deadweight anchor system for use on roofs with up to 5-degree pitch. Our standard system is an OSHA compliant roof anchor for one worker in fall arrest or two workers in fall restraint. It is designed with 4 rubber molded weights and 8 hot dip galvanized weights for a total weight of 660 lbs. The rubber molded weights are equipped with 100 suction cups to maximize grip with the roof membrane. The system is designed to be used with an approved shock-absorbing lanyards and a full body harnesses to always provide safe access. No part of the Kee Anchor should be placed closer than 10ft. from the nearest roof edge. Kee Anchor is galvanized to last years, even in harsh environments. Assembly is simple using only an Allen wrench. This anchor is reusable.