Hippo Anchor™

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The Hippo Anchor™, also called a Ratel Anchor, is a free-standing, movable non-penetrating, deadweight anchor system for use on roofs with up to 5-degree pitch. There are two systems available. The 12 plate system weighs 635 lbs. and the 16 plate system weighs 825 lbs. It is designed for temporary or permanent use and is easy to assemble and transport. This anchor is reusable and complies with OSHA standards for one worker in fall arrest or two in fall restraint. It is designed for compatibility with harnesses and lanyards with 900 lbs. maximum arresting force and complies with Military Code - EM 385 -1, and ASSE z359.1, OSHA 1926.502. This system must be installed at least 10' from an edge.  This anchor is galvanized for corrosion resistant assuring a long life.