Two Advantages of Using Metal Over Wood for ADA Compliant Railings

January 5, 2021
Two Advantages of Using Metal Over Wood for ADA Compliant Railings

When designing new structures, it is important to think about all aspects involved. This includes ADA compliant railings. Choosing the right material for ADA compliant railings is key and can have advantages when weighing out your options. Utilizing metal definitely has some advantages over wood such as durability and a more modern appearance.


One of the main advantages of using metal material over wood is that metal is far more durable than that of wooden material. This means that by using metal material, it will provide cost-saving benefits as you will not have to routinely replace it. Metal can withstand any weather without degrading or deteriorating.

Modern Appearance

Another advantage of using metal over wood for the structure’s ADA compliant railings is that it provides a modern appearance. Metal material is similar to wood in that it can be painted. This provides a way to add distinction to the property without falling out of compliance or sacrificing durability.

High-Quality Railings

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