Simple, Reliable OSHA Grade Rooftop Railing Protection is Possible

January 12, 2021
Simple, Reliable OSHA Grade Rooftop Railing Protection is Possible

Contractors that lead with safety truly care about their employees. Stricter compliance saves those working at heights and employers are responsible for knowing the laws, rules, and regulations for financial success - not to mention the moral and ethical implications of failing to protect the most important aspect of business. When it's all said and done, rigorous safety administration changes the productive landscape of any business where roofers see work. Utilizing roof railing is the epitome of safety management. This being said, not just any type of guardrail system will do the job.

A tailored rooftop railing protection set-up assuages installation challenges. Roof penetration is an unnecessary sacrifice in this case. Keeping up with regulatory standards happens seamlessly. Railing weight limit thresholds are upheld under the system. It covers long and short edged roofing and relays an attitude of permanence in construction. The best systems retain portability, both temporary and enduring use is possible across a range of roofing models.

Believe it or not, the simple arrangement is indeed simple. Full installation is possible after mere hours by contract professionals right there on the job site. Neither welding nor drilling of any kind needs to be done. As a matter of fact, those responsible for carrying out rooftop projects require no additional certifications in order to complete the set-up.

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