Industrial Safety Gates Keep People and Equipment Safe

December 16, 2022
Industrial Safety Gates Keep People and Equipment Safe

Investing in safety measures is an essential component of any organization. Industrial safety gates are efficient in increasing worker safety. The purpose of industrial safety gates is to restrict the movement of persons and items through regulated locations. They rotate or shift to a different position to give industrial machine protection. For example, safety gates prevent personnel from tumbling down stairwells. Here are some of the industrial safety gates that will ensure safety in your industry.

1. Single-swing industrial safety gates

Single-swing gates include a single panel that rotates around a fixed pivot and moves parallel to the ground. This gate type includes motorized swing barriers used for wheelchair access. The OSHA-compliant Single Self-Closing Gate is a self-closing swing gate.

This industrial safety gate is great for raised platforms and mezzanines. It is also good for other locations where a ladder or staircase can reach your railing system. The gate meets OSHA railing regulations.

2. Double-swing industrial safety gates

Double-swing gates use two pivot points and panels to limit entry to a restricted area. These industrial safety gates provide full guardrail fall protection for ladderway and edge openings. They protect personnel operating on all levels above ground. They have the following advantages:

  • All gates can open in either a left or right direction.
  • Adjustable closing force self-sealing mechanism
  • The hinge part is self-lubricating and requires no maintenance.

3. Self-Closing Safety Gates

We offer two different self-closing safety gates, NextGen and Kee. They are spring loaded with a self-closing hinge. They are galvanized to prevent any corrosion from happening.

Industrial self-closing safety gates provide an extra degree of protection against accidental falls. Accidental falls from such heights might result in serious injury or even death. Trips and falls that result in fatalities are not uncommon in industrial settings. As a result, it is critical that you examine your environment, identify risky places, and install safety gates. You will have peace of mind knowing that your personnel are safe in the event of a fall.

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