Rent Scaffold, Rent Railing - Jacksonville FL

January 4, 2019

Case Study: Rent Scaffold, Rent Railing

Location: Jacksonville, FL

Problem Statement: In addition to needing scaffold, Scaffold Rental Company’s customers often need fall protection on roofs and decks. Who can Scaffold Rental Company turn to for railing that is easy to transport, set up and take down? Who can provide a rental solution?

Problem Resolution: OSHA Compliant NextGen 3000 Universal Guardrails  were purchased by Scaffold Rental Company as a trial. Contractors loved them for their ease of use, light weight and transportability. Over the next 8 months, Scaffold Rental Company purchased about $180,000 of NextGen 3000 railing to rent and sell. The additional revenue generated estimated is more than $60,000. So, in addition to satisfying their customers’ needs, Scaffold Rental Company also created a new revenue stream using the NextGen 3000 Universal Guardrail System.

Please note: Safety Rail Source® no longer rents railing.

Next Steps: Call our experts today to discuss your specific needs. We’ll review and assess your safety concerns, design a customized solution for your facility and determine if our Turn-Key Service is right for you.

About UsFor 20 years we’ve been manufacturing state of the art, OSHA Compliant safety products including railings, skylight screens, hatch railings and ladder safety devices. All products are made in the USA. We offer a Turn-Key Service which includes a site visit, safety assessment, solution design, product delivery and installation.