Manufacturing Plant, Roof Safety Project - Bellefonte, PA

February 14, 2020

Case Study: Manufacturing Plant

Location: Bellefonte Pennsylvania

Problem Statement: OSHA Code 1910.28(b)(13) requires that when work is performed less than 6 feet (1.6 m) from the roof edge, the employer must ensure each employee is protected from falling. Equipment like a guardrails and personal fall arrest systems are examples of compliant rooftop fall protection. In addition, each employee must be protected from falling through any hole (for example skylights and roof hatches) that is 4 feet or more above a lower level. This specific manufacturing plant had dozens of roof edges and skylights that did not meet the OSHA safety regulations for fall rooftop fall protection.

Problem Resolution: To bring the this manufacturing plant into OSHA compliance, the EH&S Manager contacted Safety Rail Source® for its expertise to recommend, supply and install proper fall protection solutions. Through on-site visits, satellite images and many discussions with both teams, Safety Rail Source designed, delivered and installed the most cost-effective solution.

The project required 2,401 feet of NextGen 3000™ Universal Guardrail in 20 separate runs and 8 Model STS Domed NextGen Skylight Safety-Screens. The total weight of product was 27,637 pounds.

Installation was executed by Ray Newlin of Houck Services from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The material was delivered on flatbed trucks on skids. One half day was used to load the roof. The balance of the installation lasted 5 working days at which point, all OSHA regulations were being met.

About Us: Since 1999, we’ve been manufacturing state of the art, OSHA Compliant safety products including railings, skylight screens, hatch railings and ladder safety devices. All products are made in the USA. We offer a Turn-Key Service which includes a site visit, safety assessment, solution design, product delivery and installation.

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