Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA) Power Plant - Jacksonville, FL

September 1, 2019

Project: Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA) Power Plant, October 2019

Location: Jacksonville, Florida Problem Statement: JEA needed OSHA compliant roof edge fall protection railing to protect HVAC workers. There were 3 areas of concern. The first was that the HVAC equipment was less than 15’ from the roof edge. The second challenge was the corrosive environment and its deteriorating effect on metal railing. The third challenge was the desire to install a free-standing, non-penetrating railing system.

Problem Resolution: Lawrence Costea of JEA contacted Safety Rail Source® to assist with this project and its challenges. The solution was to install the SRS NextGen 3000 Universal Guardrail systems in a “U” shape, surrounding 3 rooftop units. This system is designed for corrosive environments consisting of aluminum railing, galvanized bases and stainless-steel fasteners.

Installation: JEA employed CPPI (Charles Perry Partners, Inc.) along with expert site supervision by SRS to install the SRS NextGen 3000 Universal Guardrail system. Installation time was half a day. The roof edge is no longer a fall hazard to HVAC mechanics.