CBRE Wells Fargo - Chelan, WA

April 28, 2021

Case Study: CBRE/Wells Fargo – April 2021

Location: Chelan, WA

Problem Statement: At a Wells Fargo Bank branch in Chelan, Washington, there is a rooftop HVAC unit close to the roof edge. Servicing the unit without fall protection is a violation of OSHA Code 1910.28(b)(13). Additionally, an extension ladder is required to access the roof however, there is no tie-off point for the ladder, as required by OSHA Code 1918.24(j)(2).

Problem Resolution: Roy Carr, Chief Building Engineer Supervisor, CBRE, contacted Chad Vanning of Safety Rail Source® to provide OSHA Compliant solutions for safe access to the roof and for protecting mechanics as they service the HVAC unit. A Commercial Ladder-Safety Dock was provided and installed at the roof edge to secure the extension ladder. NextGen 3000 Continuous Guardrail was designed and recommended by Chad which has a “bump out” at the roof edge. The “bump out” provides additional workspace for when the HVAC unit is serviced. A shop drawing of the railing layout was provided by Chad. The installation of both the Ladder Safety-Dock and the NextGen 3000 railing was completed in less than a day.

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