NextGen Railing Kit™

The NextGen Railing Kit™, also known as Kwik Kit™, is a railing system in a box. Tubing is 1.9" OD and painted safety yellow. The Kee Klamp® fittings are galvanized and included in the kits. The railing is OSHA compliant and easy to assemble. Components are in stock and ready to ship. Kits are available in galvanized steel or aluminum.

To order, determine your layout and select from the components needed to complete your design. The base fitting you select can be a Type 66 Ground Socket or a Type 69 Railing Flange with Kick Plate Adaptor.

Your kit selections are as follows:
- Straight Kit – two 6’ sections forming a 12’ railing
- Corner Kit – two 6’ sections forming a 90 degree corner
- Extension Kit- one 6’ railing used to add length to the Straight and Corner Kits
- Select Type 69 Railing Flange when your railing requires a Kick Plate
- Type 66 Ground Socket Fitting – used if you need to remove the railing and leave no trip hazard

Railing sections can be cut to size if necessary.