NextGen 3000™ Universal Skylight Railing

NextGen 3000™ Universal Skylight Railing satisfies OSHA Code 1910.28(b)(3)(i) requiring skylights to be protected.  The safety railing is used for large banks of skylights and large or odd shaped skylights. The Universal Skylight Railing is state-of-the-art skylight fall protection, non-penetrating, and modular. Due to its patented engineering and design, NextGen 3000™ outperforms all other skylight guardrails. When force is applied to the top safety rail the lightweight, easy to carry, 58-pound bases drive the load downward and grip into the roof. Installation is fast and easy. It comes standard in Safety yellow with Custom Colors available to compliment any architectural requirements. NextGen 3000™ Universal Skylight Railing is made in the USA.

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