2-Piece Commercial Ladder Safety-Dock

2-Piece Commercial Ladder Safety-Dock™

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The Ladder Safety-Dock™ attaches to the roof or parapet to provide a ladder tie-off point for safe roof access and to satisfy OSHA ladder safety Standards. The 2-Piece Commercial Ladder Safety-Dock™ is a heavy duty 2-piece system designed for flat, low sloped or parapet roofs. When used on parapets, its “L-shaped” bracket compresses below the dock platform to adjust to a parapet width of 6” to 15”. Choose the 2-Piece Model if you desire “Grab Handles”. The sturdy grab handles bolt to the dock. If a “Parapet Ladder” is desired, select the 3-Piece Parapet Ladder Safety-Dock or see Model Comparison Chart below. 

In addition to guarding against falls from ladders, it can be used for general roof access, construction, framing, HVAC, and roofing efforts. The Ladder Safety-Dock and other Ladder Safety Products are highly recommended anytime a ladder is in use.