How Mobile Fall Protection Products Help Your Team

March 21, 2022
Mobile Fall Protection - Penetrator

Provide your crew with safety equipment and systems. If you run a construction business, here’s a look at why you need fall protection products. You’ll want to invest in these tools to ensure that your employees are safe. Here’s how these systems help.

High Risk of Falls

The construction industry has the highest risk of falls. Of course, falls are a hazard in many industries. They cost the U.S. economy about $70 billion every year when counting medical expenses, lost productivity, and disability claims. You can prevent falls with Portable Fall Protection Systems, though. That’s one way to reduce or even eliminate the risk of falls for your crew.

Responsibility of the Company

As an employer, you are responsible for providing safe working conditions for your crew. If construction sites expose your crew to floor holes, wall openings, or walk spaces that are unstable, slippery, or cluttered. Then you need to make sure that those problems are dealt with. Fall safety equipment can prevent many of these issues.

OSHA Compliance

Another reason is to make sure that your crew is safe from falls. The last thing you want is to get in trouble with OSHA. Are you running your company in compliance with OSHA rules regarding safety? Do you and your crew follow OSHA guidelines? These guidelines address common fall issues and provide efficient ways to learn them.

Peace of Mind

With a mobile fall protection system, you and your crew can work with peace of mind. You won’t have to worry that your staff might be exposed to high levels of danger without some sort of safety system. With a mobile fall protection system in place, your employees can perform their tasks without fail and without worrying about an injury after a fall.

Portable Options

One of the best things about these mobile fall protection systems is their portabil-ity. You can dismantle or put it in place nearly everywhere. That means you can also use it for other projects. With a portable fall protection product, you can modify and even improve current plans.

Selection Process

With plenty of fall safety and protection products, it can be a challenge to figure out which options are best for you. Be sure to check the features of the fall protection equipment. Which options can you use at work? Which ones provide the help that you need for your projects?

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