US Foods - Norcross, GA

November 19, 2020

Case Study: US Foods - October 2020

Location: Norcross, GA

Problem Statement: US Foods, one of the largest foodservice distributors in the world, is continually implementing rooftop safety measures throughout its facilities as part of its OSHA Compliant safety program. Its warehouse in Norcross, GA has dozens of domed skylights that have been retrofitted with NexGen Skylight Safety-Screens. Phase II of US Foods’ OSHA Compliant safety program was to address fall protection at roof access hatchways and access fixed ladders.

Problem Resolution: Jason Richardson of US Foods contacted Craig Henry of Safety Rail Source® to design and install Phase II of the fall protection solutions. Phase II included installing 2 KeeHatch® Roof Hatch Railings, measuring 36” x 30” and 30” x 54”, and installing Self-closing Safety Gates onto the hatch railings. In addition, there was one fixed access ladder on the main roof that required a railing system and a self-closing safety gate. NextGen 3000 Universal Guardrail was installed to both sides of that ladder. A self-closing gate was also attached to the railing.

Lastly, another ladder, internal to the warehouse, provided access to the top of an inside roof. This ladder was also protected using NextGen 3000 railing and a self-closing gate. 

One challenge we faced was due to constant truck traffic outside the warehouse. There was no space on the ground to set up a crane to load the roof. However, because NextGen 3000 bases and railing sections are lightweight and easy to transport, the installers were able to hand-carry the product up the stairway and thru the 30” x 54” roof hatchway. This obviated the need for a crane and there was no disruption of warehouse traffic. Safety Rail Source was able to install Phase II in less than 3 days.

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