SYSCO Foods - Ocoee, FL

April 1, 2019

Case Study: Sysco Foods – April 2019

Location: Ocoee, FL

Problem Statement: Sysco Foods, the world’s global foodservice leader, is continually implementing rooftop safety measures throughout its facilities as part of its OSHA Compliant safety program.

At its warehouse in Ocoee, FL numerous sections of roof needing roof edge railing. There were also fixed ladders located in those roof sections requiring fall protection.

Problem Resolution: Barry Haynes, Facilities Manager at Sysco Foods contacted Craig Henry of Safety Rail Source® (formerly Ladder Safety Company®) to provide a turnkey solution for this project. Craig defined six separate areas that needed NextGen 3000 Universal Guardrail with four external Fixed Ladders in those areas.

729 linear feet of railing was installed in sections around the perimeter of the roof. To make the installation easier, the 8,700 pounds of railing were skidded and labeled per roof area. They were loaded on each roof area separately to minimize the need for moving components around the roof by hand.

The Railings and Bases were galvanized for corrosion protection.

For the fixed ladders, railing terminations were attached using our LAK (Ladder Attachment Kit). Five-foot return railings were installed at free-end terminations.

The project was installed by in-house Sysco personnel, supervised by Craig Henry of Safety Rail Source.

About Us: Since 1999 we have been manufacturing state of the art, OSHA Compliant safety products including railings, skylight screens, hatch railings and ladder safety devices. All products are made in the USA. We offer a Turn-Key Service which includes a site visit, safety assessment, solution design, product delivery and installation.

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