Harbor Group – Phoenix, AZ

June 11, 2021

Case Study: Harbor Group – June 2021

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Problem Statement: The Harbor Group in Phoenix, AZ owns and manages several multi-family buildings with parapet-type roofs. An extension ladder is required for maintenance personnel to access HVAC and other rooftop equipment. There are two serious hazards associated with accessing these roofs:

(1) there is no tie-off point for the ladder, as required by OSHA Standard 1918.24(j)(2),

(2) one must climb the extension ladder, stand on top of the parapet, and execute a “spin” move to descend and ascend the roof.

Problem Resolution: Roni Marquez and Scott Dickinson of Harbor Group Management Company contacted Craig Henry of Safety Rail Source® to provide an OSHA compliant solution for safe access to seven of these type roofs. The designers at SRS recommended the 3-Piece Parapet Ladder Safety-Dock to mitigate the hazards at the parapets. Harbor Group agreed to the solution and purchased seven Ladder Safety-Docks. They also requested that the Docks be finished in a beige coating to blend in with existing walls.

Along with Harbor Group’s contractor, Craig Henry of Safety Rail Source supervised the installation. Ladder Safety-Dock decks were fastened to the parapets with internal braces. Grab handles were attached to the Docks. The internal fixed ladders were measured, cut to size, and bolted to the Docks. Lastly the Ladder Feet adjusted to accommodate for roof height differences. All of this was done as per the installation instructions provided. Each Ladder Safety-Dock installation required about two man-hours to install.

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