CBRE/Wells Fargo - Lakeland, FL

April 1, 2019

Case Study: CBRE/Wells Fargo – April 2019

Location: Lakeland, FL

Problem Statement: At a Wells Fargo Branch Bank in Lakeland FL, the Pneumatic Tube Delivery System manifold was located on top of the drive-in roof. To service the system, a technician had to place a ladder against the parapet, climb the ladder, stand on the parapet and step down to an exposed roof beam more than 30” below the top of the parapet. To get to the manifold he had to carefully walk across the roof beams. This was a very dangerous situation and put the technician and Wells Fargo at risk.

 Problem Resolution: Brian Obradovic, Lead Engineer Mobile Maintenance, CBRE, turned to Greg Swindell of Safety Rail Source® (formerly Ladder Safety Company®) to provide an OSHA Compliant solution for safe access to the manifold. Greg consulted with Craig Henry and designed a Manifold Access Platform which consists of a deck on the parapet and a lower deck on the roof. The lower deck was constructed using grating and Kee Clamp fittings along with galvanized pipe. Some of the components were delivered pre-assembled. Some were cut to size and assembled on-site. Both decks are protected by railings on their open sides and are fastened to steel beams on the roof. 

Installation was performed by members of CBRE and Safety Rail Source® and was completed in one day.

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