Model STS

Model Name:
NextGen Domed Skylight Screens® - Clamp-on Model

NextGen Domed Skylight Screens® clamp onto the skylight frame, there are no penetrations. To order we need the length, width, dome height and frame type.

OSHA compliant at 200 lb. force
Cal OSHA compliant at 400 lb. force
Clamp-on attachment

4in x 4in wire mesh grid
Galvanized mesh (standard)
Stainless steel mesh (optional)
Extruded aluminum frames
Stainless Steel rods
Also available in Stainless Steel

Attach aluminum frame & threaded rod to skylight
Tighten threaded rods
Insert screen into aluminum frame
Install aluminum clips over screen at aluminum frame
Installation time once material is staged is 10 minutes