Model SSS

Model Name:
NextGen Standing Seam Skylight Screens® - Domed Model

NextGen Standing Seam Skylight Screens® are fastened to the roof seams using S-5 type clamps and stainless steel straps.

OSHA compliant at 200 lb. force
Cal OSHA compliant at 400 lb. force
Clamp-on attachment

4" x 4" wire mesh grid. Stainless Steel straps
S-5 type clamps. Stainless steel clips
Galvanized mesh (standard)
Stainless steel mesh (optional)
Also available in Stainless Steel.

Attach S-5 type clamps to the roof seam
Place screen on top of clamps
Attach screen to S-5 clamp using bolt and clip
Installation time once material is staged is 10 minutes